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Vanderbilt University VTS - Child Care Associate in Nashville, Tennessee

VTS - Child Care Associate (Job Number: 1900601)


As a temporary Early Childhood Associate in one of our Child & Family Centers, you will assist in planning and implementing curriculum and activities for the children that is developmentally appropriate. Maintaining a safe, clean, and orderly environment is also key and will contribute to the children’s growth (emotional, social and cognitive), where play and learning happens every day. You’ll monitor the children’s behavior and development, utilizing developmental profiles, and in turn evaluate activities based on the needs of the children. Also, if you are interested in helping others start their career in child care you can by assisting with orientation and supervision of our practicum students and volunteers in the center. And of course cultivate positive relationships with parents and answer questions when needed.

The Child & Family Center offers quality early childhood education and care for the children of Vanderbilt Faculty, staff, and students. The program serves children age infants (6 weeks) to five years old. The Centers are licensed by the Tennessee Department of Human Services. For more information about VU’s Child & Family Centers click here: . To view the Child & Family Center “Online Flyer” click here:

Dutiesand Responsibilities

Assistin planning and implementing developmentally appropriate curriculum andactivities according to NAEYC guidelines, DHS licensing standards, and center policy.

  • Participatesin planning meeting with co-teachers.

  • Collectsneeded materials and supplies in advance.

  • Evaluatesactivities based on the needs of the children.

  • Contributesto the preparation of the classroom newsletter.

  • Assistsin maintaining records and submitting reports.

  • Assistwith the planning and preparation of materials.

Maintainsa clean, safe, orderly classroom environment which contributes to the physical,emotional, social, and cognitive growth of children (per NAEYC, DHS, OSHA, RiskManagement, and Center policies).

  • Monitorsclassroom and playground for cleanliness and safety.

  • Cleansclassroom according to established policies.

  • Complieswith center cleaning and sanitizing procedures.

  • Limitstime out of the classroom and off of the playground when supervising children.

  • Arrivespunctually for work in order to maintain appropriate adult-child ratios.

  • Facilitatesdiscussions with children throughout the day in order to enhance languagedevelopment.

  • Monitorstone and volume of own voice to ensure respectful interactions with children,parents, and coworkers.

  • Assuresthat children are supervised at all times. Monitors clean-up and transitions inorder to assure the safety and security of all children.

  • Positionsself in classroom and on playground in order to interact with and guidechildren.

Assistwith orientation and supervision of practicum students and volunteers.

  • Discussesweekly and daily plans with co-workers.

  • Communicatesnecessary information concerning schedules and activities.

  • Offersclear directions to students, observers, and volunteers.

Assistwith maintaining children’s records, such as daily report forms, anddevelopmental profiles.

  • Monitorschildren’s behavior and development.

  • Reportsconcerns or unusual behaviors to lead teacher and supervisor.

Workswith supervisors to maintain inventory or supplies and materials; reportsneeded repairs immediately.

  • Removesbroken toys and materials.

  • Monitorsclassroom inventory of supplies and materials.

  • Conductsnecessary repairs when possible.

Participatesin staff meetings, parent meetings/conferences, and opportunities forprofessional development.

  • Reportsissues, concerns, or topics that need to be included in staff meetings.

  • Attendworkshops and conferences as directed by supervisor.

  • Demonstratesa knowledge and understanding of NAEYC Developmentally Appropriate Practice,Department of Human Services Licensing Standards, Parent Handbook, and StaffHandbook.

Promotesand maintains confidentiality with respect to information related to children,parents, and co-workers.

  • Avoidsconversations with parents concerning children (other than their own), parents,and co-workers.

  • Limitsconversations with others when supervising and interacting with children.

  • Answersparental questions appropriately and professionally.

  • Modelsappropriate interactions and behaviors for children.

Profileof an Ideal Candidate

  • Thisposition requires a High School Diploma or GED and 1 year of experience or theequivalent.

  • Mustbe able to lift up to 40 lbs.

Idealcandidate will possess the following soft skills:

  • Acceptanceof Feedback – Ability to take constructive criticism with grace, and makeimprovements without taking it personally or holding grudges. When wrong, ownsit – freely admits mistakes.

  • Adaptability– Ability to read cues and adapt accordingly. Ability to adjust style andapproach to accommodate the styles and needs of others. Can anticipate andeffectively de-escalate potential conflicts.

  • CreativeThinking – Ability to go beyond the boundaries of the job description,willingly takes on new challenges, finds creative solutions rather than alwaysawaiting a manager’s direct instructions.

  • HelpfulNature – Offers to help lighten the load for others in times of need.Volunteers rather than waiting to be asked.

  • Understandsthat almost no one works in a silo, and will need the help of others to dotheir job well, and that by helping others first, they will likely reciprocate.

  • Integrity– Holds oneself accountable; takes responsibility for failures as well assuccesses, recognizes that trust is required to hold a team together.

  • Maturity– Exhibits professional maturity; doesn’t pass the buck to dodgeaccountability; doesn’t engage in petty office politics or inappropriate socialconduct.

  • Respect– Is friendly, tirelessly cordial, polite, and genial. Comes in to work with agood attitude and doesn’t bring their own personal “little black clouds” intothe work environment.

  • RespondsPromptly – When emails and phone messages aren’t returned in a timely way, itsends the message that the other party is not important. Responds even if justto acknowledge receipt and provide a timeframe by which the requester canexpect a full response.

  • IsNice – Asks questions and is a good listener. Smiles and is grateful. Sendsappropriate notes of thanks to others who have helped. Avoid gossip or sayingnegative things about co-workers. Patient and generous. Make suggestions ratherthan stating hard and fast opinions. Avoids being negative, sarcastic, and cynical.

  • Shares– Shares information. Communicates. Transmits knowledge… knowledge isn’t power –sharing knowledge is. Asks for advice.

  • Resilience– Is resilient in the face of daunting challenges and setbacks; bounces backreadily.

  • WorkThrough Issues – It isn’t about the people, it’s about the outcome. If thingsaren’t going well, outcomes suffer.

  • Bewilling to have crucial conversations if things aren’t going well. Doesn’t justcomplain to management… does everything possible to remedy the situationdirectly first.

  • Teamwork– Values teamwork and co-workers; make them feel valuable and important by acknowledgingwhat they do.

  • Doesn’texpect from others effort that one is unwilling to do themselves. Find ways tocomplement other’s strong suits.

  • PraisesPublicly; Criticizes Privately. When dealing with a difficult co-worker orcustomers, “pretend your children are watching” how the situation is handled.Good manners help keep a cool head. Gives credit where credit is due.

  • Assumesthe Best – Assume that others are working just as hard as you are on thingsthat are as important as what you are working on. Just because you don’t knowwhat someone does, it doesn’t mean they’re not doing anything.

  • Raisesthe Bar – Expects and delivers excellence. Is a creative problem solver. Isproactive. Welcomes input on making things better. Places a high value onlearning and getting better.

  • Believes– Believes in the work being done and the organization.

  • Perspective– Maintains a sense of humor and perspective. Can laugh first and foremost atoneself.

  • Reliable– Does what they say they will do, when they say they will do it. Shows up forwork when expected. Doesn’t push the burden of work volume or deadlines toothers.

  • Honestand Transparent – Doesn’t have hidden agendas. Doesn’t play people against eachother. Is authentic and forthright.

  • Autonomous– Self-managing; self-motivated. Manages time, activities and outcomes well sothat progress stays on track.

  • Detail-Oriented– Even small mistakes can create big issues; attention to detail work indicatescare about the outcomes.

  • Hard-Working– Is industrious as well as efficient (busy isn’t the same as productive). Bepersistent. Can juggle multiple competing priorities simultaneously.

  • Eager– Enthusiastic, wanting to learn, wanting to continue one’s personal andprofessional development and expertise.

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Primary Location: United States-Tennessee-Nashville

Organization: 36612 - Child Care: 18th Avenue

Job: Temporary Positions

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