Vanderbilt University Research Assistant II (Cell and Developmental Biology) in Nashville, Tennessee

Research Assistant II (Cell and Developmental Biology) (Job Number: 1801854)


Pos i t i on Su mma ry :

The Research Assistant II is part of the Cell and Developmental Biology Department in the School of Medicine at Vanderbilt University and is a key individual contributor responsible for performing leading research in the field of understanding mouse and human pancreatic organogenesis at the basic mechanistic and cell biological level. The level of analysis requires some experience with immunohistochemistry and microscopic techniques.

Abo u t t he W o rk U n i t :

The Department of Cell and Developmental Biology is a vibrant, interdisciplinary environment for cutting-edge research over a scale that spans seven powers of ten, from single molecules to whole organisms. The difference between a test tube and a cell is spatio-temporal organization, and we study molecular, cellular and tissue organization in many of the laboratories within our department, seeking insights into fundamental biological questions and human disease. We are an interactive and highly collaborative department, with a strong graduate student association, outstanding core facilities, a top- ranked developmental biology program, and exceptionally strong faculty. Recent faculty recruits are studying cell migration using super-resolution microscopy, single molecule analysis of microtubule dynamics, systems biology of intestinal epithelia, stem cell biology, and the regulation of plasma membrane composition and ageing.

K e y Func t io n s a nd Ex p e c ted P e rf o r ma nce:

Immun o histo c hem i stry a nd Mi c ros c o p ic T e c h ni qu es

  • Tissue3Dtissueandimmunohistochemicalsectionproteinexpression.

  • Microscopyimaging anddataanalysis andpresentation.

Mo u se Proc e du r es, Tis s u e Disse c t i on a n d A naly s is

  • Mousehusbandry(breeding,genotyping).

  • Procedures(surgicalandnon-surgical,dissections).

Mol e c ular a n d C ell B iol o gy A n aly s is

  • CellSorting,RNApreparationforRNA-Seq,qRT-PCRanalyses.

  • CRISPR-Cas9genomeediting.

  • Antibodypreparationandstorage.

Lab M a i n t e n a n c e

  • Preparereagents,maintaininventoriesoflabsolutions andsupplies.

  • Assistinrepairingandmaintainingsmallpiecesoflabequipment.

  • Maintainlargerpiecesofequipment.

S up e rvisory Re l a t io n s h i p s :

This position does not have supervisory responsibility; the position reports administratively and functionally to the Principal Investigator and Laboratory Manager.

E d ucat i on a n d Ce r t i f icat i o n s:

§ A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher education and two years of related experience or a Master’s degree from an accredited institution of higher education and no experience is necessary.

Ex p e ri e nce a n d Sk i ll s :

§ Experience with immunohistochemistry and microscopic techniques is necessary.

§ Experience with cell sorting and standard molecular analysis is highly preferred.

§ Ability to run an organized semi-independent research project, working well in a team, and have excellent record-keeping skills is necessary.

§ Desire to become intellectually engaged in the research project is preferred.

§ Competent in various modern molecular and cell biological techniques is necessary.

§ Excellent verbal and written communication skills are necessary.

§ Ability to work with computer-aided research design (word processing, PowerPoint presentations, DNA software knowledge, and literature searches) is necessary.

G e n e r a l Ch a r a ct e ris t ics of a Succ e s s ful V a nd e r bi lt U n iv e rs i ty St a f f Mem b e r :

ACC O UN T ABILI T Y : Ow n s d e c isio n s, ou tc o mes, w o rk p ro du cts, e t c. t ha t a re w it h in t h e sc op e o f on e’s r o le.

§ Wo r ks t h ro u g h Iss u e s – Recognizes that the work is about successful outcomes, if things aren’t going well, outcomes suffer; is willing to have crucial conversations if things aren’t going well; doesn’t just complain to management… does everything possible to remedy the situation directly first

§ Re li a ble – Does what they say they will do, when they say they will do it; shows up for work when expected; doesn’t push the burden of work volume or deadlines to others

§ Inte g rity – Holds oneself accountable; takes responsibility for failures as well as successes, recognizes that trust is required to hold a team together

§ Acc e ptance o f Fe e db a ck – Takes constructive criticism with grace, and makes improvements without taking it personally or holding grudges; when wrong, owns it – freely admits mistakes

CO LL ABO R AT I O N : W o r k s i n cl u si v ely to bu ild tr u st an d a cc o m p lish t a s k s, g oa ls, an d i n i t i a tives. U n d erst a n d s, an tici pa tes, an d a p p ro p r ia tely res p o nd s to i n ter n a l and / o r e x ter n a l c u s t o mers’ n e eds.

§ Opt i m ism – Is friendly, tirelessly cordial, polite, and genial; comes in to work with a good attitude

and doesn’t bring their own personal “little black clouds” into the work environment

§ T eam wo r k – Genuinely values teamwork and co-workers, makes them feel valuable and important by acknowledging what they do well; doesn’t expect from others effort that one is unwilling to do themselves, finds ways to acknowledge other’s strong suits

§ Hon e st a nd T r a nsp a r e nt – Doesn’t have hidden agendas, doesn’t play people against each other; is authentic and forthright

§ H e lpful N a t u re – Offers to help lighten the load for others in times of need; volunteers rather than waiting to be asked; understands that almost no one works in a silo and needs the help of others to do their job well; recognizes that by helping others first, others will likely reciprocate

CO MM UNIC A TI O N: Pr o v i d es i n f o r ma ti o n clea r ly an d a cc u r a tely in v a r iou s se t ti ng s, ens u r in g und ers ta nd i n g a n d pa rti c i pa ti on . U n d ers t a n d s h o w b est to p resent i n f o r ma ti o n to d i f fere n t aud ie n ces an d u nd ers t a n d s h o w i n f o r ma ti o n m a y b e p ercei v ed.

§ Sh a r e s – Shares information. Communicates proactively. Transmits knowledge; recognizes that “knowledge is power” is less effective than “sharing knowledge is power.” Asks for advice, and considers it thoughtfully

§ Is N i ce – Asks caring, interested questions and is a good listener -- smiles and is grateful; sends appropriate notes of thanks to others who have helped; avoids gossip or saying negative things about co-workers; patient and generous; makes suggestions rather than stating hard and fast opinions. Avoids being negative, sarcastic, and cynical

§ Pr a ises Pub l ic l y ; C r i t ic i z e s Priv a tely – When dealing with a difficult co-workers or customers, “pretend your children are watching” how the situation is handled; good manners help keep a cool head; gives credit where credit is due

§ Re spo n ds P r omp t ly – Recognizes that when emails and phone messages aren’t returned in a timely way, it sends the message that the other party is not important; responds even if just to acknowledge receipt and provide a timeframe by which the requester can expect a full response

D R IVE & G R IT : Is f o c u sed o n p r o fessio n a l exc e llence an d s t r i ves to f a cili t a t e an d s up p o rt t h e s a me f o r c o llea g u es in an d o u tsi d e t h eir t ea m , e f fe c ti v ely m an a g es t h r o u g h c ha llen g es an d op p o rtu n i t ies w h i l e seek in g to und ers t a n d a n d lea r n fr o m p r o fess i o n a l ex p erie n ces.

§ P e rsp e ctive – Maintains a sense of humor and perspective; can laugh first and foremost at oneself

§ Ra ises t h e B a r – Expects and delivers excellence; is a creative problem solver; is proactive; welcomes input on making things better -- places a high value on learning and getting better

§ Re s i li e nce – Is resilient in the face of daunting challenges and setbacks; bounces back readily.

§ Ad a ptab i l i ty – Reads cues and adapt accordingly; adjusts style and approach to accommodate the styles and needs of others; can anticipate and effectively de-escalate potential conflicts

ENGA G E D : A pp reci a tes t h e v a l u es an d mission o f t h e o r g an i z a ti on , w o r k s to c on tr ibu te to t h e un iversi t y, an d u nd ers t a n d s h o w t h eir w o rk a ffe c ts t h e un iv e rsity an d un iversi t y c o m m u n i t y.

§ Ea g e r – Enthusiastic, wanting to learn, wanting to continue one’s personal and professional development and expertise

§ H a rd-W o rk i ng – Is industrious as well as efficient (busy isn’t the same as productive); can juggle multiple competing priorities simultaneously without becoming overwhelmed

§ B e li e v e s – Believes in the work being done and in the importance of the organization’s mission

§ C r ea t i ve T h ink i ng – Goes beyond the boundaries of the job description, willingly takes on new challenges, and finds creative solutions rather than always awaiting direct instructions

J U DG M ENT & P R OFES S I ON A L ACU M E N : M a k es ap p r o p r ia te d e c isio n s a n d e v a l ua tes r i sk an d un c e rtai n ty to cre a te i d eal o u tc o me s , ex h i b i t s a n e y e f o r t h e m a cro a n d t h e micr o , an d w o r k s to ens u re o t h ers a re ab le to d o t h e s a me.

§ Aut o nomous – Self-managing; self-motivated; manages time, activities and outcomes well so that progress stays on track; cleans up after themselves

§ Ma t u rity -- Exhibits professional maturity; doesn’t pass the buck to dodge accountability; doesn’t engage in petty office politics or inappropriate social conduct

§ D e tai l - O ri e nted – Even small mistakes can create big issues; attention to detail work indicates care about the outcomes

Ass u me s t h e B e st – Assumes that others are working as hard as you are on things that are as important as what you are working on; just because you don’t know what someone does, it doesn’t mean they’re not doing anything

Job requires Bachelors and 2 Years of experience or the equivalent.

Primary Location: United States-Tennessee-Nashville

Organization: 18230 - Cell and Developmental Biology

Job: Research / Lab Tech / Paraprofessional

Vanderbilt University is committed to principles of equal opportunity and affirmative action